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          Welcome to Kingpin Metal Tool Co., Ltd! Chinese

          National Service Hotline


          Machining Strength




          You can trust high-quality
          mold manufacturers

          Service Hotline


          You can trust around the high-quality mold manufacturers





          Tool Tryout

          Kingpin is also equipped with more than 9 sets of tryout equipment for large panels including a 2000T mechanical press with large bolsters and an experienced tryout team.

          Design Capacity

          Scientific design concept,rational R&D procedure,advanced stamping process and top level designing team ensure custormers' satisfaction in all-round way.

          Machining Strength

          Kingpin is equipped with almost 20 imported medium and large size CNC machines which utilize the most advanced 2D/3D machining program. The precise and digitalized manufacture modes satisfy the tool and die standards for both domestic and international automobiles.

          Quality Management

          Precise testing equipment,strict process control and rich experience guarantee customers' diverse needs.

          >Project Management Team<

          Global service

          Kingpin has a professional project management team,they provide efficient services with professional skills.Kinpin project engineers can communicate with the customers in English when project is running, so that customers can understand the project directly and clearly, the project concept is to provide customers with high quality, reliable service, it is our product.

          Design Flow Chart

          Main Customers

          Qualification Honorr


          ? Enterprise Culture >>>

          A bout us More>>

          Kingpin Metal Tool Co.,Ltd was set up in 2005, who specialized in designing and manufacturing the precision metal stamping dies for Auto parts. For the business expansion and to meet with the market development demands Kingpin was moved to new factory in TieSong Qingxi in 2016. New Factory with 30000 square meters. and purchased New Press 1250T and 2000T and new machining equipment in New plant...


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